Apr 22, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft Partnership Finalized!

Nokia and Microsoft finally sealed today the biggest operating system shift in the history of mobilephones creating a new global mobile ecosystem.

Highlights of the relationship includes combination of complementary assets making the partnership truly unique:

a. Nokia to deliver mapping, navigation, and certain location-based services to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Nokia will build innovation on top of the Windows Phone platform in areas such as imaging, while contributing expertise on hardware design and language support, and helping to drive the development of the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft will provide Bing search services across the Nokia device portfolio as well as contributing strength in productivity, advertising, gaming, social media and a variety of other services. The combination of navigation with advertising and search will enable better monetization of Nokia's navigation assets and completely new forms of advertising revenue.

b. Joint developer outreach and application sourcing, to support the creation of new local and global applications, including making Windows Phone developer registration free for all Nokia developers.

c. Opening a new Nokia-branded global application store that leverages the Windows Marketplace infrastructure. Developers will be able to publish and distribute applications through a single developer portal to hundreds of millions of consumers that use Windows Phone, Symbian and Series 40 devices.

d. Contribution of Nokia's expertise in operator billing to ensure participants in the Windows Phone ecosystem can take advantage of Nokia's billing agreements with 112 operators in 36 markets.

Also announced significant progress on the development of the first Nokia products incorporating Windows Phone. With hundreds of already engaged on joint engineering efforts, the companies are collaborating on a portfolio of new Nokia devices. Nokia has also started porting key applications and services to operate on Windows Phone and joint outreach has begun to third party application developers.

Like it or not, Nokia is going full swing with Windows Mobile and like the rest of the competitors using the operating system, it will just become one of the crowd. As mentioned earlier, Nokia will be banking on the its hardware prowess and camera expertise but will it be enough for to set them apart?

I hope the next "disruption" occurs as soon as possible.


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