Apr 17, 2011

YouTube Downloader on Ovi Store

Looking for an application on your Nokia phone that lets you download your favorite YouTube video? Look no further, the YouTube downloader is just a click away in Ovi Store.

The application lets you access youTube videos easily with its simple yet feature-rich interface giving users a way in to the current top rated, most viewed and featured videos as well as a search tab for finding videos fast. The download file will be in mp4 format stating the dimension of the video. Download file destination will be on the mass memory.

Downloading video is super easy, just click on the desired video title which takes you on the video download page, click on the MP4 box below and the download will start.

What I like about the downloader was that the videos downloaded were not that huge so it won’t take your phone memory much and it plays well on the phone adjusting its videos dimension to the phones capability. I’m a big fan of the app and use it often specially when I’m off to a long travel, I download funny videos on it so when I get bored along the way, I’ll hop it to it and laugh my hearts out. If you see somebody laughing on a bus or train while watching a video on a phone, that might be me. :D

Science will tell you that you’ll aged less if you keep laughter close in your heart, so what are you waiting for download the youTube downloader now! CLICK HERE!


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