May 30, 2011

Fun of Shopping? Know the best app on Ovi Store that Fits!

What do you usually do if you go off shopping for a week’s grocery or supplies? Grab a pen and paper and scribble everything then flip the long list open inside the store? Nothing to be worried about, you’re just living normally as majority does but the mobile technology world has now several apps for your Symbian powered devices that can help you shop in style!

Ovi Store lists down several shopping apps that you can choose and this post will help you choose the best app that fits your taste and lifestyle. Free ones only though for the rest for the rest of the world to relate and only those that are compatible with touch devices.

Let’s start with the orangey conned Smart Shopper created to help users remember all planned shopping sprees with a promise of a handy experience. Well, the app indeed shows potential with its simple looking interface, its big navigational buttons making it easy to use on touchscreen devices, the integration of GPS and tracking set-up to locate stores, alarm tones to set reminders and best of all, its capability in handling multiple shopping lists. Problem is, the app is difficult and confusing to use. Say you want to add a shopping lists, the app will let you do so after several tedious taps because you have to fill up which category it belongs, which stores it can be bought with GPS coordinates which by the way doesn’t work here in my location. Then after creating the lists, it will confuse you afterwards as to where to find it and after you find the lists, you will be greeted with a bland page. Can it be simpler, like for nitwits like me who doesn’t want to add more complications to my complicated life and can developers add attractive backgrounds implicating color and fun.

Then we have the Shopping Lists, the girly thing with pink colors all over and yes the very reason why I don’t recommend this for the dudes. On the other hand, the app is very easy to use giving you only the number of items you need to buy, the name of the item and a check box to tick after buying the item, no more no less. Easy but a little bit too simple that you can’t add another lists from the current. One for the Ladies!

The Shopping Assistance is the app that answers the problem of the first two; it simpler compared to the Smart Shopper and it support multiple lists like the Shopping Lists but the likeliness seem a little to close that it’s as boring. The icons and the set-up is too old school like a Windows CE's interface and that is why it didn’t stayed long on my lust green Nokia N8. Yes, its one for the oldies!

Then comes one of my most used application at the moment, Shoppy from Inova IT. The app portends a quick and easy creation of shopping lists, sharing feature to people you know, addition of details of the items on your lists like prices and synchronization feature to desktop via Promise that is very much fulfilled since the app is leisurely to use. You can create lists and add stuffs on it like a piece of cake. Interface is not that attractive being yellowish-ly flavored with red streaks and the notebook design looks a little too juvenile. What I like most though is its ability to sync to other devices having an online cloud memory. All I need is my username and password and my Nokia N8 shopping lists will appear on my Nokia C7. I also like the apps homescreen widget created to help remind users.

The app just needs to be improved interface-wise, drop the notebook look and bring in a simple yet attractive one. And speaking about homescreen widget, can shoppy drop the background design or at least make it transparent so it won’t affect the wallpaper design.

If you want to download Smart Shopper, CLICK HERE!
If you want to download Shopping List, CLICK HERE!
If you want to download Shopping Assistance, CLICK HERE!
If you want to download Shoppy, CLICK HERE!

So there you go folks, lose your oldie paper lists and start a modern shopping lifestyle. Just make sure to install the best of shopping app that suites your taste. Enjoy!


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