May 16, 2011

How Difficult Is It To Live Healthy? Well, ness Diary!

One of the most interesting applications installed on my Nokia N8 at the moment is the Wellness Diary Beta, an application that guide and monitor users wellness habit in daily basis.

So how did I get the idea to install this application? A bit of my unhealthy lifestyle, increasing weight and decreasing self confidence were among the few. I have tried a few attempts but failed so I need a new ways and tools to get me going.

The application counts on solid scientific evidence in the field of behavioral change management that self-monitoring is an effective method for improving health behavior. Research found out that people who monitored their weight on a daily basis were considerably more successful (with almost double the success) in weight management than those monitoring themselves less often. Quite interesting in here given the fact that I’m use to avoiding weighing scale because I’m afraid that I have gain another pounds.

What the Wellness Diary does is provide a simple interface that makes daily self-monitoring carefree, with automatic functions and reminders, so all you need to do is input numbers as reminders pops out of your phones screen in your designated alarm time. It also feature graphical displays of the users progress in weight loss/gain, steps taken, sleep time, exercise hours and food (sugary, salty, wholegrain) intake which is wonderful since people were naturally visual, we need to see something before we believe. And to further encourage users to stick with the plan, an application shortcut could readily be seen in the phones homescreen.

The application guides users in way that it provides helpful information on the average calorie intake per food group as well as tips via messages Coaching or expert’s advice, or feedback of user performance will also be available via a variety of professional third party services, at the moment Duodecim Electronic Health Examination and Coaching but will be added more in the near future covering general health coaching, smoking cessation, personal training, or nutritionist support. A very promising feature that I’m very much looking forward to.

As of the moment, I’m past 7 days since I fully activate the apps full feature. So far, it had delivered what it promised like alarm functions to input data, helpful information and tips among others. For the next few months, I will be featuring updates of my development in the blog and share a few of my learned tips.

For starters, my current stats were shown on the pictures, I'm hoping to improve this figures as the days past by.

I’m very much aware that I still have a long and grueling journey ahead but I’m very optimistic this time because I believe I had a very powerful tool with me, my Nokia N8 and my Wellness Diary.

For everyone who wants to join my quest, you can download your own Wellness Diary App here! Ovi Store


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