May 23, 2011

Nokia C7 Protective Cases, Which one to pick?

So you have bought or planning to buy the most stylish superphone in the market and want to add a bit of safeguard to it, what would be the best protective case you should grab to provide extra protection you aim for your most prized possession.

Unlike the Nokia E7 or N8, the Nokia C7 is not blessed to carry the anodized aluminum case, meaning, no matter how careful you are in using the phone, it will wear and tear in the long run with scratches as the most common concern as it is only made up of high grade plastic overall. Having a protective case is more than necessary if you are planning to use the phone for a long time.

So back to the question, which one to pick and why? Okay, currently, there were 3 available cases you can chose, Gel Silicone Case, Leather Case (Bi-Fold or Flip Top) and Plastic Perforated Mesh Net.

The Gel Silicon cases cost at around PhP150 to PhP1,200 depending on the brand, the cheapest were the brand less ones but the problem with this type is that it thickens the dimension of the phone eliminating its beautiful thin design and worst of all, it bulges on the side making the side buttons difficult to press. The advantage on the other hand, it will protect the phone best against accidental fall as the soft gel counters the impact. The Capdase brand though is better because its thinner and that the side cuts for the buttons have wider margin making it easier to press, the problem with this one is that it’s very expensive.

The Leather Cases (Bi-Fold or Flip Top) cost at around PhP300 to PhP500 depending on the supplier, I have not encounter any branded types yet for Nokia C7 phones but it will surely have one. Advantages of these types of cases, better cushion since beneath the leather cover is a thin foam. The device will be clasp by a plastic holder glued to the leather cover. The disadvantage of these types of cases, it will make the phone very thick and that the plastic clasp will detached for some time.

But if you’re looking for a stylish cover to go with your stylish looking phone, then the Plastic Perforated Mesh Net Case is the best protective case for you. This cover cost at around PhP130 to PhP350 depending on the supplier. Other advantage of the phone aside from being stylish is that it’s thinner and so the side buttons usability is not affected. Disadvantage of this types, less cushion since it plastic, it will eventually break in due time and it gets dirty when use for some time. This case is only good to protect the phone from scratch. My advice if you are to buy this case, buy the dark colored ones and never allow it to drop.

So there you go, the 3 available protective cases available for picking. Choose the best one that suites your taste.


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