May 8, 2011

Where Can You Get The Best Nokia N8 Postpaid Plan Offer In The Philippines?

Well if your planning to get the current mobilephone Camera King under a monthly plan, you have three Telecom network of choice to consider, you can either go for Smart Communications, Globe Telecom or SunCellular. The three network offers the phone FREE under an almost similar plan bracket, PhP2,499 for Globe and Php2,500 for Smart and SunCellular but they differ on services and features. Find out which of the three cuts above the rest.

Smart Telecommunications

Gold Plan 2500 Regular

FREE SMS - 550 Messages
FREE Calls - 495 Minutes
Call Rate Smart to Smart - PhP4.58
Call Rate Smart to other network - PhP5.60
SMS Rate - PhP0.51
IDD Rate- $0.40

Gold Plan 2500 Consumable

FREE SMS - 350 Messages
FREE Calls - None
Call Rate Smart to Smart - PhP4.07
Call Rate Smart to other network - PhP5.60
SMS Rate - PhP0.51
IDD Rate- $0.40

Globe Telecom

MySuperplan 2499 Consumable

FREE 7 Freebies
Choose one or more combination of the following freebies
a. Free 10 minutes of Call and 200 Text to Globe or TM
b. Free 5 minutes of Call and 25 Text to other networks
c. Free International 20 minutes Call and 10 Text to 10 destinations*
d. Free Mobile Surfing for 3 hours/month
e. Free MySuper One, unlimited call and text to one GL or TM number

Business Plus 2499

Unlimited Text to all Globe and TM numbers
Unlimited Mobile Call to all Globe and TM numbers
Unlimited Mobile Internet
300 text to other networks
120 minutes calls to other networks


Elite 2500

Unlimited Texts to local Sun-to-Sun Calls & Texts
Unlimited Mobile Calls & Texts to local Sun-to-Sun Calls & Texts
Unlimited SunTel Wireless Landline calls
Unlimited Mobile Internet
500 FREE SMS to other networks
P500 Consumable
90 Minutes FREE IDD to the top 10 Countries: US (Main), Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Guam and Macau.

Base on the information's presented, SunCellular offers the best package with 4 unlimited offers, 500 SMS to other network, 500 consumable and 90 minutes IDD but it doesn't have a 120 minutes call to other network unlike the Business Plus but other than that, the offer is unequaled. With the company being integrated to Smart Telecom soon, it even becomes more enticing as it will inherit the strong and nationwide signal of biggest network in the country and its strong 50million subscribers giving its unlimited call and text offering a wider audience. Who wouldn't go crazy over this? If only I'm not contract bound to Globe Business Plus for the next 10 months, I would have switched!

A notch lower to the Suncellular offer is Globe Business Plus with 3 unlimited offers in tow. Its 120 minutes free call to other network cannot matched the P500 consumable and 90 minutes free internation call of SunCellular. Well its still good though but I'm losing interest on Globe Telecom nowadays as it favor Apple and Blackberry devices more. I hope SunCellular have offers for switchers so I don't have to wait 10 months more.

So there you folks, grab your Nokia N8 in SunCellular before you run out of stocks. The phone is hotly contested by SunCellular plan applicants at the moment.


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