Jun 23, 2011

Nokia N9, The Full Scale Disruption

If there's two word that could best describe whats going on in the mobilephone world at the moment, its "utter confusion" for many reasons than one since the entire community has to gobble Nokia's move to herald its very first Meego device amidst its imminent move to dished the Operating system out in lieu of Windows Phone.

A lot of reactions were thrown by analyst, tech gurus, writers, bloggers among the rest of the enthusiasts as to the device's significance in the crowded mobilephone space. Few were saying that its a waste of Nokia's effort since Meego is as good as dead, some herald it for its intuitiveness, while the rest were delirious. Well on my part, its a marketing success as Nokia expected it to be. When they say they're about to release a disruptive device, I thought it would be a device that cuts above the rest that will trample the competition to dust but it wasn't, instead offers a way different smartphone experience, the easiest I've seen ever and raise significant dispute as to its strategies, that Nokia is prepping up surprises beyond what everyone know and that makes it disruptive to everyone, peers or competitors.

The public is offered with an almost the same User Interface from different manufactures, complications as to its operation mounts, then all of a sudden Nokia N9 comes out giving a simple yet powerful smartphone experience, how will they react? Yes, that is called disruption.

So far, the general consensus towards the phone was very positive, I would say it had become a huge one since it catches everyone's attention, so what will happen next? That's the next part of the disruptive offence, and its Nokia's call, not from the detractors, nor from the competitors.

For the meantime, enjoy these first few videos from the disturbance.


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