Jun 6, 2011

Nokia Oro, C7 Goes Premium

Nokia had announced a new premium smartphone for selected markets, the Nokia Oro. It’s a phone that incorporates 18-carat gold plating, a sapphire crystal and leather from one of Scotland’s finest Caledonian herds. Software-wise, it carries the well applauded Symbian Anna operating system (OS) that is on par with the best in the market.

Its got a pentaband radio connectivity, up-to HSDPA 3G and WiFi, 3.5-inch AMOLED capcitative touchscreen with scratch resistant Gorilla glass display, an 8-megapixel camera with 720p video recording, NFC Support among the rest of the best specifications that can be found to date.

This is definitely a one hot device for people who want their mobile device to stand out from the crowd and who want to enjoy the best and the most exquisite material in there phones. They are not up to the price, they just want sophistication and class like they deserve it after a hard days work.

Nokia Oro will start selling in selected countries across the Europe, Eastern Europe, China and the Middle East in Q3 2011. Before local taxes and operator subsidies (neither of which you’re likely to be too concerned about if you’re a customer for this device), it will cost upwards of EUR 800 (PhP50,600).


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