Jul 7, 2011

Discover The World In A Different Dimension With Nokia 3D World Gaze

Another exciting innovation from the world leader in Maps and Navigation breaks loose with Nokia 3D World Gaze, a mobilephone application that gives users a new kind of viewpoint to the world.

The application allows users to see through the surface (and insides) of the planet all the way to the other side and by just point a phone to some direction, users will see reality in a way they have never seen before. In addition to geographical features such as continents in their real physical locations, Nokia 3D World Gaze allows users to see geotagged media, day and night regions, current location of the Sun, and other content from locations around the world.

The application is targeted to anyone interested in exploring and learning new things about the world around us. It provides a serendipitous view of the world and can be used anywhere on the planet.

On personal note, I'm very interested to try this application being a travel freak myself. This application will help me find places that is worth discovering without the need to access the web, or check travel sites. Hopefully we have a lot of featured places here in my country. That remains to be seen. I will be featuring my experience with the app here, so stay tuned for that.

You can download Nokia 3D World Gaze HERE!


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