Jul 23, 2011

Finally! A Postpaid Unlimited Plan From Smart

After more than a year since Globe Telecom came up with the Business Plan Plus, an unlimited call service to Globe and Touch Mobile subcribers, Smart Communications, Inc. finally answered back with an irresistible plan offering a wider coverage of subscribers and far greater reached, the Smart Unli Postpaid.

Wider subscriber coverage because unlike the Globe Business Plan were it is limited to Business enterprises, the Smarts version is open to everyone, personal or business. Users doesn't need to have a business or be an employee of an accredited one to be able to enjoy unlimited service, everyone can apply just like a regular plan. It has a far greater reached because Smart subscriber is triple in number compared to Globe, not to mentioned Sun Cellular subscribers who will be joining the Smart family in due time and that by area coverage, Smart has far more covered places than the competition.

The plan offers an unlimited package of as low as Php299 for unlimited text to Smart and Talk and Text subscribers (soon Sun Cellular) and PhP599 for unlimited call and text. This is the cheapest and the most worthy plan so far to have ever exists among regular packages.

To compare with the Business plan though, the later has a few advantages than Smart Unli Postpaid.

- With 100 pesos lower, you get unlimited call to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers plus free 300 text messages to all networks including Smart as compared to the other where the SMS doesn't cover the competing network and you have to pay 1 peso for doing so.
- Globe Business has an extensive customer support system compared to Smart were they dedicate a special tool free number for there special business subscribers compared to Smart's unreachable customer support.
-Last but not the least and on personal note, I have no problem with Globes signal as compared to the dead zone signal dilemma of Smarts here in my area.

So far I have no valid reason to switch to Smart Unli Postpaid yet but if they will do something about the problem I mentioned earlier, like maybe offer a little cheaper and more featured package that covers all networks for SMS the least, improve customer support and augment signal here in my place, then I will be willing to switched. Besides who wouldn't want to be part of the countries biggest network? Right'y?


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