Jul 25, 2011

Law 101: Freedom Of Speech

I'm pretty sure you've heard about it having been commonly uttered on television by newscasters or media man as a backdrop of there occupation, well, this is in fact a right for everyone to enjoy transgressing nationality or race but as mentioned on out previous Law 101 topic, we could very much be liable for it in certain levels.

The question now is, when can we be legally liable?

As simple as saying a hoar to someone can get you an oral defamation case punishable by fines or worst imprisonment depending on the gravity of the situation. Calling a certain politician, for example, Gloria Arroyo, the most corrupt Philippine politician in the modern times can earn you a libel case no matter how true it is.

In other words, if you destroy or damage someones refutation on personal degree, you could be held liable wither you like it or not. Its very important for everyone to know in here that Freedom of Speech has its limitation,we have to be at all times, mindful of everything we spoke or wrote because we are bind to it.

The next question would be, in what way could we avoid violation at the same time enjoy the right of Freedom of Speech? Do not specify anyone directly when you attack them, say in our example, do not mentioned Gloria Arroyo on your speech or on writing instead mention a semblance, like the mole president, the clothes washer president, etc., it will save your butts off.

So there you go, the Freedom of Speech. Go mock anyone now! Fast!


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