Jul 2, 2011

Meet The HP Pavilion DM1, My Handy Laptop

For the past weeks, I've been stripping for a new laptop to replaced my aging Gateway T-1616 that has been exclaiming for retirement after two years of dedicated service and after a dozen of visits to online pages to check specifications and stores for prices, I decided to buy the HP Pavilion DM1, a AMD Vision Dual Core powered laptop running the Windows 7 Home Basic.

Here are my reasons why I decided to buy this computer:

1. I was looking for a very handy computer that I can carry everywhere; lightweight, small and with good a battery life so I wont have to carry with me a heavy language when I'm off to work. HP Pavilion DM1 is only 1.6kg heavy and with a 29cm x 21.4cm x2.1-3.07cm dimension (length and width comparable to the current standard netbooks) and best of all promised a 9hours of battery life that will cover my office hours.

2. Specifications is quite remarkable. When you look at the current netbooks or handy laptops at the moment, you'll find out that most of them are running Atom processors, if not archaic celerons. Only this computer is offering something different and new, the AMD Vision, a genuine dual core processor with fast processing speed and better power management, who wouldn't want to consider these factors.

3. Only this computer among my possible choices is offering a genuine Windows 7 Home Basics, the rest has Windows 7 Starter. This would mean that the laptop is truly capable because it can handle heavier operating system rather than the lightweight Starter. The fact also that Home Basic offers a lot more than Windows Starter, who wouldn't want to enjoy more.

4. Better grade plastic compared to others. Its actually as good as the expensive laptops I've seen and tried, impression-wise. The designers made sure that buyers will get almost the same touch and feel with the premium ones minus the expensive materials. It might not be as durable but I believe it could last more than its designated timeline.

5. Big and well spaced island style QWERTY keyboards with a very good tactile feedback. It is the most comfortable keyboard I tried on a mini laptop than the rest.

6. Its worth the price, might be a bit expensive with a tag price of PhP21,999 but nothing is compromise in all aspects of computer mobility. There are laptops or netbooks that are almost half the price cheaper but you get an ancient atom processor among the rest of the features you will be missing when you settle for these devices.

And I am not talking about one or more specs in here but several of them. The additional price you will be spending is twice the value of what you will be getting.

Quick run down of specs includes:

Operating system installed: Windows 7 Home Basic
Processor type: AMD E-350
Memory: 2GB RAM
Internal drives: 320GB HDD
Display size: 11.6" HD Brightview Display
Graphic card: ATI HD 6310 Shared Memory
External I/O ports: 3 USB 2.0, 1 VGA port, HDMI, 1 RJ45 connector, headphone/mic combo jack
Memory card device: 5-in-1 integrated digital media card reader
Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone
Speakers: Altec Lansing Internal Speakers
Keyboard: Full-sized Island-style keyboard
Network interface: Integrated gigabit ethernet LAN
Wireless capability: 802.11 b/g/n
Built-in Bluetooth
Product weight: 1.6kg
Product dimensions: 29cm x 21.4cm x2.1-3.07cm
Battery type: 6-cell Li-Ion Battery

At the moment, I'm still learning about the features of the laptop and so far, so good I would say. Hopefully it will keep up to my expectations. I will be giving my full review of the laptop very soon. Stay tuned!

For the meantime, enjoy these first few images of the notebook taken from my luscious Nokia N8 Green.


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