Aug 8, 2011

Law 101: The best way to remarry legally!

Are you sick and tired of your husband or wife, or have you found someone more special that you've decided to dump your legal spouse because its not working anymore no matter how you both tried.

It's definitely not easy if your living in the Philippines because we don't have divorce law here and we are the only country in the world left that doesn't recognize such being a solid Catholic country. Well, I'm also a devoted Catholic so I'm very much against divorce but their are special circumstances that needs special consideration that's why I'm writing a posts about it.

But before doing so, I have to give you an idea on how much you need to spend for the said proceeding. You need to have at least PhP200 Thousand more or less depending on the lawyer, the more refutable the lawyer is, the more expensive it becomes.

So back to the topic, what is the best way to remarry the easiest way possible? By filling a Presumption of Death of your spouse in court!

Its the easiest way because it will only take a minimum of 3 hearings in court and after the court's verdict, you will be as good as single again! But of course it has requisites that you need to comply in order to be accorded for such, first you must not have a communication whatsoever with your spouse for the past 4 years by all means possible. This would mean no text exchanges, no calls, no DM on Facebook or no reply in Twitter, it must be a total seclusion. Then second, you must do this with true intent, because the only way for this legal action to fail is when the court can establish a collusion between the parties involve, meaning, you've talk and agreed about it. It must be a total non-communication of both party, per say.

But of course this is not as good as annulment or divorce, it has limitations which I will discuss next time. What matters here is that you can remarry again legally to your new found love without criminal liability.

(And this post is specially dedicated to Kuya Jogas!)


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