Aug 29, 2011

Nokia C7 Chronicle: A Life With Anna Day 2

The Symbian Anna performed impressively well on my first day of trial. I didn't have the time to run through all the features and updated though because I have to retire early for a much needed rest.

06:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 24, 2011

Need to wake up early to start my long day ahead. I usually do the morning cooking and that I have a niece who goes to school at 07:00 hours so I no choice but to get up early. Part of the morning routine of course is turning the WIFI on so I could connect my phone online to read the current news in the real and geek world, but my Nokia C7 drained overnight so I have to connect it to a charger. After gaining a bit of power, I turn the phone on and boot up but after awhile and to my surprise, I got a prompt "Start up failed, contact retailer" freaking me out a bit. I'm very sure that it has something to do with the firmware update and so I decided to reboot the phone.

To my relief, the phone load up and everything was okay. I thought the problem was serious and that I have to send the phone to a Nokia Care Center. My routine social checked went on while preparing breakfast. Well, I'm still using Gravity to do all my social routine check since it covers all social network sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, it could also handle multiple usernames and no other all-in-one social app can beat Gravity yet as to intuitiveness, savvyness and user friendliness. If your interested in following me, my personal twitter account is @gregg003 and the blogs official twitter account is @scratchepad. Under a different twitter account, I followed local and international news networks as well as tech sites.

08:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 24, 2011

Hit the road to work and as what I usually do, my music player will play on the background. No visible improvements on this area so far, as far as I can very much remember. The speed of opening the music app remains the same, the features, menu and music capability among others.

12:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 24, 2011

Lunch break and siesta a bit to relax from a scorching busy morning. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to play with the phone a bit and try to find more changes. Calendar feature has added a few new trick, like the (Tap to create entry) from the Calendar page , with most of the add-ons seen underneath the entry page. Users can now simply click the entry they want to create with a saving feature that has access to both phone and PC, Location feature as well as the ability to attach various files.

The calendar structure and design remains the same overall which I now find boring. I believe its time for Symbian to add animations here or at least change the design.

Then I did a few scroll on the Contacts with the prominent addition of the Microsoft Communicator feature. I'm not sure if this has similar features to that of the Communicator app on the Business devices but hopefully it does, though I don't know how this works. Help Nokia Team, at least show a video on how this app works.

13:00 Hours, +8 GMT, August 24, 2011

Back to office work. I'm a bit busy because I have to finish all the updates before the months end. This was suppose to be due last July but I got very occupied with a lot of stuffs lately that I need to do an abrupt adjustment to balance my work, studies and this blog.

17:30 Hours, +8 GMT, August 24, 2011

Got back home and hit my workout routine. Yes I have to squeeze this in if I want to continue losing weight. As soon as I get home, the phone got connected online for the rest of the night. As soon as I had my dinner, I allocated a bit of time to write my blog post for the next day then decided to hold my study schedule for a night and focus on the phone.

I love the messaging mechanism of the phone now with its portrait QWERTY, though the buttons were a bit small as compared to the landscape version. The precision was impressive that I now enjoy texting on a touchscreen for the first time. Plus the fact that its coupled with SWYPE, a text input mechanism that implements one continuous finger motion across the screen keyboard, messaging became easier than I imagine it to be. You might think that this SWPE app is only applicable in English, its not, it has a feature that will save the words you often use even in your local dialect. I like this a lot, lot.

Photo viewer applications has a little revisions particularly on the lower tab as seen on image below and the sharing option which will direct automatically to Facebook.

Among the biggest improvement in the Menu features was the Nokia Maps application which is now running version 3.08 that added a lot of new features from the already feature-packed older version. The Check-in feature was added, the Drive, Guides, Map Loader and the Weather were just among the major updates. I will be featuring a detailed posts on this in the coming days so stay tuned for that.

What else, Nokia Social was updated but up to now it still doesn't level up with the best in the market like Gravity and that Nokia is still not offering a network package for these like Blackberry does with its Blackberry Social. Well, if Nokia is dead serious in the social space market, then this is a must move that they should take as the landscape of cellphone mobility had now shifted from simple call and text to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

And I can go chat onwards all day long but let us not dive into that for now, my hot Nokia C7 chronicle continues tomorrow. Stay tuned!


I updated my C7 as well and I also experienced my phone saying "Start up failed, please contact retailer." In fact it has happened a few times. Battery life has also declined.

maybe its a bug, I hope Nokia would do something about it c",

regarding battery life, i have not notice it, but it might be another problem with the firmware

I really hope that belle really does fix the problems and without making more!

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