Sep 16, 2011

Nokia 700 and 701 Shipping, Nokia 100 and 101 In Stores

Nokia announced several devices few weeks ago from high end Symbian Belle to entry level Dual SIM's, and as planned, phones will be release as soon as possible and they did, Nokia tweeted that 700 and 701 is now shipping with expected availability in retails stores in a weeks time while the Nokia 100 and 101 is now sold in retail stores.

This is a huge step forward for the company since most of there release dates before were 6 months to 1 year from announcement and that they're fun of postponing release dates, well, they were on schedule this time making a positive impression that Nokia is dead serious in wanting to make a comeback in the smartphone war. Time is gold in business and Nokia learned this attitude the hard way, by losing top slot in the smartphone market.

The Nokia 101 is now being sold locally for PhP1,560.00 ($36.02), good value for the money for a basic phone wiLinkth dual SIM capability and tough hardware. I'm actually planning to buy either this phone or Nokia X1-01 for my Reloading business. Find more info of the Nokia 101 here.

Find the complete specs of the Nokia 700 here and Nokia 701 here.


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