Sep 9, 2011

Nokia Sea Ray! Price? Thoughts

The buzz about the upcoming Nokia Sea Ray just won't stop, it just proved how hotly contested the very first Nokia Windows Phone 7 is ever since Nokia announced there collaboration with Microsoft last February. The latest from the rumor-land was its price point which accordingly would only cost around $400 or PhP17,000-18,000 in Philippine Peso.

Cheap I would say for a flagship device if the rumor was true, but for Nokia to shake the competition and grab all the Windows Phone and overall smartphone market in the upcoming Christmas season, the move is inevitable and a brilliant move at the same time. Who wouldn't want a phone that has a great Nokia hardware and design, an at par competitive operating system and price within reached? Only an unsound mind would refuse to grab this deal or perhaps the hardcore fanatics of the competing systems. I think Nokia is in the best position if this rumor would push through.

Base on the early photo and spec's leaks, the Sea Ray had specs that were sub par to that of the current Symbian flagships, a corroborative proof that it is indeed a mid-range device rather than a high end one that everyone else including myself had expected being an initial Nokia Windows Phone offering. I would be very happy if its indeed the case since it will be within my budget but as what I've been saying on the blog, Windows Phone 7 has a big shoe to fill and a whole lot to prove if it wants to gain my support. The Symbian legacy is to immense that it cannot be trenched out that easily.


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