Sep 12, 2011

PLDT Telpad, The New Plan Package

I was able to to drop by PLDT Ozamis a few days ago to inquire about their service coverage having heard that they extended such. I asked if they have now reach the next barangay where I was working but unfortunately they haven't yet, instead, I found something interesting tech-wise, the new Telpad plan offering!

Telpad is a tablet pc configured primarily as a PLDT landline that can do local calls, direct dialing access for NDD and IDD, caller ID, among the rest of the basic phone features and like the rest of the current tablet pc currently offered in the market, it can do web browsing and multimedia functions. PLDT offered this device since December, 2010 as a package to a fixed high internet speed Plan but have not captured my fancy having been offered expensively and unreasonably.

So what where the recent changes in the Plan offering?

First and foremost, the device itself, from the S7 Slim with a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor running Android Froyo, the current device offered is now AD1000 running the latest Android Gingerbread operating system.

Then from a no cash out payment for all Telpad plan package with 36 months subscription period, the device will now be brought by the subscriber in 3 payment option; a one time fee of PhP5,500, a 12 month installment for 450 per month or a 24 month installment of 250 per month. Quite expensive this time but unlike the before that the device remains a property of PLDT even after subscription period, the subscriber now can keep the device after the subscription period.

For monthly payment calculation of old plan, under the Plan 990 and 1290, the add on is PhP859 and PhP550 per month respectively, a total of PhP1849 only with 1Mbps speed boast.

In the new plan, under the Plan 990 and 1290, the add on is PhP859 + 250 (24months) and PhP550 + 250 (24months) per month respectively, a total of PhP2099 with 1Mbps speed boast.

Well, I think this is a good Plan offer if you need a high speed internet since you only need to add a few more bucks to get the tablet, but for the light internet user, this plan is a waste of money and speed. Even in my techy lifestyle, I only consider myself among the casual since I'm not very much into uploading or downloading stuffs on the internet. Blogging doesn't need high speed internet nor smartphone connection rather so speed is not a big deal for me.

I believe PLDT needs to consider offering the Telpad on lower internet packages like in Plan 990 or 1290 without add-on amount to pay for high internet speed because like the former, this package won't take off rather being again costly and irrational. I don't care if they will price the device higher than that of the current. Its more like wanting to pay for the device that I can use rather than pay on internet speed that will just be wasted. Call that logic!


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