Oct 26, 2011

Nokia World 2011, Will Shocked or Frustrate?

Time to answer the yearly question again Mates, as Nokia World 2011 is about to begin in about 12 hours! Londoners will have to succumbed another round of tech wave as mobilephone enthusiasts, developers, bloggers and competitors invades the city to witness a show of smartphone might, Finnish style.

Nokia World has been very exciting ever since but whats so different this year is path, a clear and concise one that the company wants to pursue. Gone were feeling of apprehensions and doubts on wither the Meego Operating System works or not, nor will they able to sustain growth, or create a disruptive technology that impress, because the company weathered them all by racking an Operating System that has been well tested, the Windows Phone, by remaining on top of the market amidst massive attacks from competitors, and by creating the groundbreaking and outstanding Harmattan User Interface on top of Meego.

Excited? I am, very much because everything is going well for the company, not mention the leaks and hearsay's going around lately about devices which are said to be announced in the event.

For instance, the Nokia Sea Ray, a Windows Phone Mango powered device with 1.4GHz processor and 8MP camera, nor the Nokia Sabre, another Windows Phone with 3.5 inches screen, 8MP camera, then finally Nokia Sun which is a cut down version of everything to cater to the mid-market.

Bunch of Symbian Belle updates might also be announced that will power the next camera king, the Nokia N8 successor, or some Symbian Belle devices with jaw dropping price.

Meltimi might also be introduce to the world. Rumor has it that the Operating System is Linux base and will replace the S40 in the low end range.

Then the rest will be services like Nokia Money, Nokia Movies, NFC related apps, or tools that would make a difference particularly in the world countries.
So back to the question, will this years Nokia World event shocked or frustrate? I would say both, it will shocked the mobilephone world with Nokia's new technology advancements and it will also frustrate competitors at the same time because whether they like it or not, Nokia is back and will reclaim its rightful place in the industry.


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