Dec 17, 2011

Nokia C2-00, Preview

Got a new device to tinker ladies and gentlemen, the Nokia C2-00 Easy Swap Dual Sim phone that I brought to replace my sold Nokia 101. I have nothing negative against the 101, in fact I'm very satisfied with it, its just that somebody took the interest to buy the phone more than the original price so I took the opportunity. It will also give me a chance to buy another Dual Sim phone to review and share about on the blog.

First impression, the silver white variant of the phone is of simplistic beauty. It doesn't have much aesthetics to make it look shiny and attractive but its minimalistic design make it a stand out. The phone is wrapped in plastic, a glossy one in front and a regular cheap battery cover at the back, even so, the phone still feels sturdy to hold. The plastic also made the phone lightweight and thin.

The T9 keypad was also covered with a glossy plastic, it feels comfortable to press and has a good tactile feedback but I preferred the rubber matted plastic on the Nokia 101. I'm not comfortable with the keypad design, its not segregated well enough like that of the 101 and the glossy plastic make it slippery to the thumb.

The phone runs the Symbian 40 6th Edition but unlike the past phone I've use with the same operating system (Nokia C2-03), it doesn't show the signal strength on the menu page or on any running application, making me wonder if I still have a signal when I'm writing SMS or when accessing SIM services for reloading, the Nokia 101 shows this all throughout making me regret my decision to sell it.

The phone doesn't sound as loud as the Nokia 101 or X1-01. The company have trimmed down this specific feature to give way to other important technical components that the aforementioned phones lacked like the VGA camera, Bluetooth, among others.

Well, this will be it for now. I will be featuring a video hands-on of the phone as will as a full review in the coming days. Stay tuned! For the meantime, enjoy the following images of my newest business phone. (For the complete Nokia C2-00 Specs, CLICK HERE)


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