Jan 9, 2012

Smarterphone for Nokia, Thoughts

News recently came out in the web about Nokia purchasing Smarterphone, an Oslo-based company that had created a software platform that enables a smartphone-like user experience on cheap hardware but everything is quite in the Nokia camp yet, no press release or comment whatsoever which lead me to think if theirs really truth behind these informations.

But either way, I see it as a move for the company to push further on the low end market being slowly attacked by Samsung and Cloned phones from China but do they really need another software platform when they have Symbian 40 at the moment and the rumored Meltimi on the pipes. Will this be another move to dissociate the companies name to Symbian believing that its dragging them down like what they did changing Symbian Belle to Nokia Belle.

Sound mysterious enough but whatever there reason be, I do hope they studied it carefully because as far as I've searched about Smarterphone, there's nothing really special about the platform except that it offers new User Interface. Everything is the same feature-wise with that of Symbian 40.

Anyways, nothing is final unless announced by Nokia, I suspect they will disclose it in the upcoming CES event together with new Windows Phone and Symbian devices. It will surely be a busy week ahead for Nokia and the tech community.


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