Jan 19, 2012

Symbian Belle, What To Expect

Since the Nokia Belle upgrade is inevitable with Nokia's twitter account confirming its roll out starting February, it’s high time for us to learn more about it. What is it about Belle that makes it critically acclaimed and how did it feared with the competition.

Here are few reasons why:

1. More personalized Homescreen

a. The phone is capable of handling up to 6 Homescreen. The current Symbian Anna software is only limited to 3.

b. Dynamic widgets. Users can add widgets individually, change its size, or move it anywhere in the screen. The current software version is only capable of handling group widgets with the ability to move such around the screen and without the ability to change size. There were also more live widgets and Toggle widget. The live widget is capable of updating feeds directly from the Homescreen while the toggle widgets are those types were you can do commands automatically like the switching of Bluetooth on and off, etc.

2. Pull down Menu notification incorporated in the status bar. This includes the settings, notification of incoming messages and missed calls, mobile networks, Bluetooth (if turned on), mobile data, WIFI among others. Well this is an Android adopted system which I don’t like really because you have to reach on top of the phone and pull down to open it up, why not make it a pull up system instead with the command bar on the bottom?

3. Better web browser promising a PC-like experience.

4. NFC. Tap and Share between devices, social networks or unlock exclusive games content.

5. New apps. A new suite of powerful business apps from Microsoft includes Lync (IM for businesses, like Microsoft Communicator), SharePoint, OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync and PowerPoint Broadcaster are included and will be automatically installed with the update.

6. Informative lock screen. The lock screen now tells you about missed calls, messages in your inbox and more, so you can check your phone at a glance. Users can also add coloured wallpaper to lock screen.

and so much more… It is perhaps the biggest upgrade so far, Nokia made it sure that there current users are not left behind in mobile user interface race. So far, it will compete pretty well with Androids but not that much yet with the iOS. Considering the fact that both systems could be enjoyed at a high price, Nokia Belle gives the best of both in a cheaper price.

Nokia Belle upgrade will be rolled in for the following devices, Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6 and 500.


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