Feb 23, 2012

Get Ready To Capture A Pure View, Nokia Incites Accordingly

A teaser video came out in the web recently revealing photos tagged with Pure Detail, Pure Depth and Pure Definition, an epilogue "Get ready to capture a pure view" and a date, February 27, 2012.

But contrary to the clearness of the images shown, was the smoky details of the video that resulted to a lot of speculations from around the web. All tech sites blatantly identify it as a mobile phone device dubbed Nokia Pure View, the successor of Nokia N8, except that nobody was sure of its operating system. Some says it runs Nokia Belle, some says its Nokia Donna, while rest were expecting a Windows Phone.

Well, in fact and in truth, nobody really knows what it is. First thing first, the video did not come from Nokia's official youTube site, so it might be fake, secondly, the video did not say that its a mobilephone and lastly, the video only showed images and captions, nothing more. The information's that these tech sites relied upon were from rumors circulating for the past months about a Nokia N8 successor.

I'm done with expectations, predictions and rumors so I won't comment on it. Whatever happens on Mobile World Congress 2012 will all be up to Nokia. They are fighting back to the competition so all there best strategies will be fully implemented that day. I wish them the best of luck.

Anyways, here's the hotly contested video, feel free to share your thoughts.


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