Feb 29, 2012

Nokia 603: First Impression, Surprisingly Attractive!

Full of surprises, its the best three words that can describe the Nokia 603, the cheapest Symbian Belle running device in the market. Currently being positioned in the mid range market and sold for only 200 Euro, the phone is unbelievably affordable for a device with prime quality!

First on the long list of surprises was the phones appearance, with its all black version, I couldn't believe that it looks so good and classy with its deep black Gorilla Glass display covering the entire front facade, except the glossy plastic buttons at the bottom. The deep black 3.5inch screen display with ClearBlack Technology also adds to the semblance.

Secondly, holding it feels good being slim and lightweight. The back cover is rubberized plastic but gives a unique comfortable fell. Its also solid and compact without any back cover wobble and best of all, fits perfectly in the hand. It gives a me a high end impression hardware-wise, truly impressive!

Turning the phone on, shows my up close glance of the IPS LCD technology, the same panel use by Apple on iPhone 4S and from the looks of it, the screen is much brighter than AMOLED on Nokia N8 but lesser in color adeptness. I prefer the color rendition of the N8 more being sharper and realistic. Though in direct sunlight, the Nokia 603 looks more pleasant and clearer to behold.

With the phone's 1Ghz processor, the speed and smoothness of the interface is very much evident. It makes swiping and browsing more pleasurable on the phone. There was even graphic transition effects all over the interface that was missing on the Nokia N8. This was perhaps due to the phones processor were it can support such, a welcome addition to Nokia Belle!

So far, the phone is breaking all my expectations. Given all these impressive initial impressions, I could say that Nokia has a deadly weapon on the midrange arena, a weapon that will compete effectively well in all fronts giving users all the best of their money's worth. But then, its overall performance still has to pass through my critical eyes. In two weeks time, I will be measuring the phones specs and features and see how it contends with the rest of its competition.

For now enjoy these first few images of the surprisingly attractive Nokia 603. Enjoy!


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