Feb 5, 2012

Whats Your Last Ideal Symbian Device?

Rumors are circulating in the web recently about Nokia N8's successor being the last high end device base on Symbian, well, I don't think its true since Nokia is still planning to release upgrades of the current software with the likes of Symbian Donna and Carla and will still be shipping about 150 million devices for the next 4 years but if its indeed true, what will be the last ideal high end Symbian device?

Well, for me, I want it to be the best of the best being the last hooray of the legendary mobile operating system that shape the mobilephone industry as we know today. It must be outstanding both hardware and software with a class and finesse of its own, that it can survive the test of time.

Class and finesse of its own. This would mean that the phone must have a unique, never before seen, impressive, cutting edge design, must likely the same public impression when the Nokia N9 came out. Its extraordinary looks must be unparalleled and must be countered with an extraordinary tactile impression, the very feeling of happiness and satisfaction every time you held the phone on your hand.

Form factor. I want it to have a sliding mechanical QWERTY but with a lock mechanism as solid as a monobloc. I've used all the mobile form factor in the world, but nobody can beat mechanical QWERTY yet when it comes to messaging in any given situation.

Screen. 4.3 inches with an extended width will do. It must sport an IPS technology and ClearBlack display like that of the Nokia 701 or even better. It doesn't have to be the brightest as long as it becomes the most beautiful natural screen in the world when lit up. 3D is nothing more like an eye sore in reality with smallish screen so no 3D for this phone. Curve unscratchable glass display is a must and might also be unbreakable so it could last a lifetime.

And speaking of nonscratchable and unbreakable screen, why not try to extend this impressive technology in all sides of the phone and cover everything for good so it will be fully protected. It will definitely becomes slippery being an all glass device, but it can be tweak to make it very satisfying to hold.

Processor must be multicore with more than 1Ghz speed so it can handle applications smoothly and swiftly. With people living in the fast lane nowadays, speed matters a lot.

Camera and video. The current unbeatable king of cameraphone is the 12MP Carl Ziess Camera of the Nokia N8, being the successor of a legendary camera device, it must outpaced the current camera specs and performance in both still image and video.

Battery. Bigger is better but it should not also compromise the phones design and construction. Power is very important element of mobility so the phone must be power efficient at the same time, power productive, like it must have the ability to power up on its own in any given situation. Wireless charging is a huge news for Nokia lately but it should be more than that. The phone must be able to harness all possible powers around it so it won't drained out.

Operating System. As little as it may be, we already have an idea on how the upgrade of the current Symbian OS might look like, but as advance as it may be, the last version must be rooted on the principles and ideas that made the Operating System legendary, its simplicity and user friendliness. It must have the sense of users being able to adopt to the system easily and do everything effortlessly.

So how about you? What is your last ideal high end Symbian device? Share your thoughts.

(Image courtesy of pocketnow.com)


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