Apr 16, 2012

Conversations with Nokia Lumia 800, Final Take

Time to discuss the rest of the Nokia Lumia 800 features and my final thoughts on the phone. First Take covered the hardware and some software, Second Take focused on the phones basic features and some entertainment aspects. To read more about it, click on the highlighted links provided.


Xbox Live makes me reminisce the N-Gage gaming platform of Nokia for mobilephone. I believed Microsoft hoped to succeed where Nokia failed by taking it to the next level. Well, so far they have accomplished the integration of the following great features; a clean and cool graphic-rich interface, great games, secure payment system, easy online gaming connectivity, etc. They just need to do few things to succeed like encourage the big game developers to port there works of art to the Windows Phone operating software and make their payment system localized and adjust to the market condition per country just like Nokia did with Nokia Store.

For instance, some of the current top games like Temple Run and Angry Birds Space are not yet available on the system, they must continue to court developers and not upset them. When it comes to localization, what Nokia store did here in my country was reprice the cost of applications to make it more affordable and well suited to the local market condition. A $1 app was repriced to 20 Pesos instead of 44 Pesos as the current Peso-Dollar rate would have dictate. Microsoft must also need to tap local telecom companies for the payment system, not everyone have credit cards to pay these gaming apps online.

Microsoft Marketplace

It cannot be denied that the application store is picking up a fast growth lately. The store had now passed the 80,000 mark of application count, all thanks to the Nokia's reinvigorating full support. The store had several good applications on the list but not quite on par yet with the current leaders. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft needs to entice developers to support the system, they need to localized and repriced the cost of apps per country and they need to provide an easy payment scheme by tapping the Telecom companies.

Camera and Video Camcorder

To be very honest, I have not fully tested the camera and video feature of the phone except a few casual shoots. As I've mentioned on my Second Take article, I only have 5 days used of the phone. The results though reminds me most likely of the Nokia N9 because they have the same specs like the 8MP camera with Carl Ziess optics, dual LED and autofocus.

Concluding Thoughts

Its a good start for the Nokia and Microsoft partnership. Nokia Lumia 800 is one of the most beautiful and artsy piece of technology I have seen. I can even recommend the phone proudly with its hardware alone, but its not just about that, it also got a superb user interface to compliment it. A huge win - win situation here for first time buyers, Windows Phone upgraders and Android, Symbian or iPhone switchers. Mind you, you will love and enjoy the Nokia Lumia 800 like no other yet.

The restrictions on the software will be hurdle if your a Symbian and Android switchers but in return, you can finally experience to the truest, a fast and fluid interface that the Windows Phone implements. Maybe a few software tweaks or compromise will better fit Symbian and Android users to the Microsoft ecosystem.

As for me, I'm getting a Windows Phone if my budget permits me but only the affordable one, the Nokia Lumia 610. At the moment, I'm more excited on the 42MP PureView technology on the Nokia 808 being a photo enthusiast.

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