Apr 1, 2012

Globe Telecom Offers Direct Online Bills Payment

The country's leader in Postpaid plan made another remarkable innovation by offering the first direct online telecom bill's payment in the country.

Tapping Mozcom Incorporated's, PayEasy, the most comprehensive online payment system in the Philippines, Globe Telecom's new service offer can now accept bills payments from major credit cards, ATM debit cards, mobile payments, Dragonpay over-the-counter and online banking payments, direct bank transfers from several countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, and proprietary currencies like PayPal, giving consumers more convenient option to pay bills like never before.

This is a wonderful addition to Globes unwavering service offering, in today's fast-paced lifestyle and environment, every possible time-saving means matters a lot. Come to think of it, no more lining in the counter (except Dragon over-the-counter payments), no more traveling to a nearby payment centers, no more hassles and bustles, all you have to do is use your computer, connect to the internet and pay online via major credit cards without subduing yourself to any Automatic Debit Agreement whatsoever. You have 100% control of your credit account.

This gave me more reason to stick to Globe Telecom as a postpaid plan subscriber. Not only that I get to enjoy unparalleled postpaid services, affordable unlimited business plan offers and very prompt customer support, now, I had the most convenient payment option available.

Cheers to Globe! Go lang nang go!


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