May 2, 2012

The Nokia 603 Video Walkthrough Part 3, Settings, Store, Homescreen Widgets

The final wrap up video ladies and gentlemen, of the midtier power device, the Nokia 603. Sorry if it takes me more than 2 weeks to upload the video, all my youTube upload attempts failed because of the power interruptions we're experiencing here in my place for the past 2 weeks.

Watch the the Part 1 video HERE and the Part 2 HERE.

Part 3 shows the rest of the phones features and applications. I then did cut a lot of parts on it and limit the application discussed to the pre-installed ones to keep the video within the 10 minute range. The longer the video, the more tedious it would become during youTube upload with the slow internet connection I have.

Anyways, hope its still informative enough. Enjoy!


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