Jun 29, 2012

Nokia 110 Review, The Most Affordable Dual Sim Internet Device

The Nokia 110 is the newest member of the Dual Sim and Dual Standby phone from Nokia. Recently released, the phone is by far the most affordable entry level Dual Sim Internet capable handset in the market. I personally call it exemplary steal...

...here are the reasons why:

1. Modest built quality. In buying phones, the very first thing that comes to my mind especially in entry level devices is, will it endure my recklessness? If a phone doesn't look and feel solid enough, I’ll ditched it out right away knowing the fact that entry level devices takes on below standard materials to keep the manufacturing price low like other manufacturers does with their phones. These phone retains the solid and reliable built that Nokia had been known for decades, it feels like you can drop the phone all you want and nothing can go wrong. Try that on Chinese clones and you will get broken screens, microphone, earpiece, antenna, just to mention some, worst of all, it won't be fixed so you'll have to buy another unit again. It does need some cover case since the phone is not scratch proof.

2. Designs for entry level phones were usually plain to nearly beastly; the Nokia 110 prides its youthful and fun design thwarting the norm. The black variant that I got looks nominally attractive for an entry level device. T9 keypad is made up of soft rubber that is enjoyable to press aside of course from having a good tactile feedback.

3. Screen is only 1.8 inches with 56 Thousand color resolutions but it’s well contoured from the backlights, background themes, to the text characters were users won't find the screen display difficult to see.

4. The phone has outstanding basic features, you can rely on its signal strength on both Sims, clearness of voice calls and easy messaging features such as the predictive text input, all mastered and perfected by Nokia for decades, etc. Rather, it won't fail users on reliability, unlike the rest (Chinese clones, etc.) which falters in signal after a month use, nor has a hazy voice calls or confusing SMS input mechanism.

5. Simple user interface. The phone runs Symbian 40 software and just like what they've been known for the longest time, Nokia made it sure that users will have no problem using and familiarizing the phone dual mechanisms and overall feature.

6. Full entertainment offer. The devices has a great gaming features as it will bring free 40 key EA Games, valued at EUR 75 if bought separately, including well known titles like Tetris®, Bejewelled®, Need for Speed(TM) The Run, Monopoly Here & Now, and SimCity(TM) Deluxe; it’s got an MP3/WMA/AAC player, MP4/H.264 video player, stereo FM radio with RDS, FM recording and 3.5mm audio jack.

7. Full internet and social network connectivity via the innovative Nokia browser (WAP 1.1) that features a website compression technology via cloud that allows users to consume less data by up to 90% and direct access to Facebook and Twitter via Nokia Social.

8. Basic VGA camera and video camcorder.

9. Battery life is outstanding on the phone. Though it only has Li-Ion 1400 mAh (BL-6C), on the average, the phone lasts for 3 days covering all my communication needs, music and games.

10. Micro SD card slot is present that could support up to 32GB, most of the phones with the same price bracket don’t even have SD cards or if there is, it can only support 2GB the most. With a micro SD slot, you can attach memory cards and add or play mp3 files all you want.

11. Nokia Store Client, the phone is capable of downloading thousands of apps, music and games. With the phones Java capability, you could install countless games and application on it.

12. Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR, you can transfer music and video files to other Bluetooth devices.

13. Then there’s the rest the useful productivity features such as the calculator, reminders, converter, countdown timers, calendar, stop watch and ringtone composer.

14. Last but not the least, the phones price is very affordable. At the moment, I can be brought for only PhP2,300-2,400 or even cheaper via direct retailers.

Disadvantages of the phone:

1. Processor is a little slow for me. It opens applications, messages, music among other files sluggishly than say Nokia 101.

2. Color resolution is also a concern for me since the phone is an internet device by itself, with its 56Thou color capability; the phone renders poor webpage display.

3. I find the Inbox mechanism peculiar. The phone combines the inbox of two Sims, though it has markers per SIM, the side scroll marker on the right most side is very thin that it’s almost impossible to see. Users won’t be able to know how far they have scrolled up or down.

4. The plastic cover is prone to scratches.

Must Buy for:

1. New mobilephone users
2. Students, Nokia browser is a great research tool
3. Social network users
4. Business enthusiasts (Good phone for selling loads)
5. Professionals with tight budget (like me!)
6. Individuals who want a plain decent phone.
7. Individuals who don’t want to charge phones often.

To know the phones full specs, CLICK HERE!


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