Jul 18, 2012

Nokia Store App: Zombiewood, Drop Dead Delighting

From the very first Zombie movie made by Victor Halperin in 1935 entitled White Zombie, mega hit movie series Resident Evil, hundreds of Zombie movies from 7 continents, countless addicting PC Games like Plants vs Zombies, to popular TV drama, The Walking Dead, people seemed to have an undying love and frightful devotion to mindless flesh eating corpses. Now these fanatic synergy takes another form via Zombiewood, a mobile game fully dedicated to these icons of death.

I myself love Zombie movies so when I was given a chance to choose a mobilephone game to play around, I picked this primarily above the rest.

Game Setting and Story

The game takes you to a Zombie infested Hollywood, California. The main character of the game will have to undergo tasks per stages to succeed 68 levels of furious battles and struggles on top of his primary mission, to find the girlfriend that disappeared when the chaos begun. He needs to shoot, beat and burn Zombies to ashes for love and survival. Hhhmmm?

There is also a point system were players get to collect coins in exchange for weapons, gear upgrades, power ups such as dynamites, flamethrowers and more, a notable motivating feature. Users would want to shoot as many zombies as they can to gain points. Game setting also includes 13 maps and vehicle rides.


There were quite a few interesting zombies to poke around, the fast running ones that will make you squeal with its deathly gusts, the annoying fat heffalumps called Paparazombies who carries a camera and makes you dizzy as it shoot pictures, and the girlfriend that the main character is about to save. Additional characters will pop out as the game progressed.

Difficulty level

Above average, it’s not that the game was mind boggling or skilfully requiring, what makes it difficult was its confusing game controls and mechanism. You would really find it hard to shoot in the intended direction as it automatically aim with a continuous fire to nowhere. There is also difficulty in controlling the movement of the character using a virtual directional pad. It’s not the same as mechanical ones were you can just press the buttons as hard or soft as you can without constraint. But then I consider these minor flaws that you can adopt in a long run; it just need a little time to get used to.

Graphics and Animation

I would say below average, it wasn’t as eye catching like the leading 3D-riched premium games at the moment or as intuitive and smooth but I believe it suffice to the game’s price. Currently, it’s being sold for PhP50.00 on Ovi Store, a value that is worth a week or two of full fun and thrill.

It also have some cool effects like the exploding bombs and gun fires, quite enough to make the experience smashing.

I notice a few subtle lags though in the execution of commands. This must have something to do with the phone I'm using having only 680Mhz processor but nonetheless, it doesn't spoil the fun.

Overall Rating (1 Highest – 5 Lowest)

3 stars - The game was generally average, yes it was action packed and fun since you get to crushed and burn zombies, had a simple goal and mechanics and best of all, affordable for a game of 68 levels but on the other hand, the game is not very much appealing graphic-wise, has a confusing game controls and mechanism and worst, an annoying sound effects (I'm referring to the girl squeaking like whore). It would have been much enjoyable if the navigation controls were more interactive with a minor friendly sound effects.

To cap everything up, the game truly masked to the never ending love of people to Zombies, senseless yet enthralling.


Its a PG 13 game for its violence and rampage. It doesn't fit youngsters nor individuals with a weak of heart being generally difficult to accomplished. On the hand, the game is highly recommended to adventure seekers who wants thrill and endless challenges and those who doesn't care fiddling virtual keypads.

To download Zombiewood, CLICK HERE!


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