Jul 1, 2012

Travel and Places: Have you been to Binondo?

Funny as it may seemed but when the issue about China bullying the Philippines over at Panatag Shoal came out, I thought to myself, where the Philippines had already been invaded by Chinese for quite sometime now? The biggest proof of this was the ever growing Chinese owned businesses proliferating across the country and Binondo, Manila, a buzzing Chinatown were I could measure the extend of the silent invasion and find the most genuine steam rice and siomai in the Metro.

Other proof? Try to see also the list of the wealthiest individual in the country, 70-80% of them had Chinese descend and worst, these few individuals controls the government like Presidents as mere rooks and the Filipinos as pawns in a realist game of chess.

On the Panatag shoal issue, common sense tells us the reason why China uses only military force to assert its claim, because they will definitely loss if the issue will be resolved in an international court or tribunal. The Chinese claim is a clear violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea giving emphasis on the 200 nautical miles as part of a country's sovereign, China is very far from the shoal and that there basis is only historic, an inaccurate claim untenable in the modern laws of man.

I honestly believe that I found more than what I came for in Binondo, the brute force of reality and the innards of Chinese arrogance.


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