Aug 17, 2012

Battleship, Coolness 101

Another movie has captured my fancy lately that I never thought would, Battleship, a sci-fi flick that was based on a long depicted alien invasion of the planet earth. As had been seen on countless Hollywood movies since time immemorial, I thought I would never get to like this having seen Independence Day and Transformers, both, big budget movies which shows drooling special effects and mind blowing stunts, but I was so wrong, Battleship tanks its own cool and remarkable assets that made me screech.

Effectively, the director of the movie was able to hit the formula on making a fancy and interesting sci-fi movie, violence, sex siren, humor, clean special effects and cool soundtrack. Even the storyline was classically molded, from a loser/failure character to a hero who saves the world.

Aside from the usual stints, I like effort made by the writers to introduce new ideas in the scenario, for instance, in the alien persona, they’re depicted as generally amphibians with battleships reflected hereto. Where can you find a spaceship that moves like flying fish, only in this movie! That’s how wicked it is!

There were also new battle strategies employed, like the buoy system that was used in navigation and detecting movements of ships. It might be true in some sense but I don’t think it’s as accurate and believable since you cannot find this in almost square miles at sea.

I also like the battleship confrontations of course especially when there are trying to hit alien ships, they were nerve wracking than going to first date.

On the not so fun side, the actor’s performances were below average, I couldn’t see their efforts at all that it feels like there just throwing funny punch lines all the time. Ridiculous! I also would like to question the fact that the President of the United States as well as the others heads of states were not seen on the strategy room unlike the other movies in catastrophic proportion.

Anyways, what matters most is the enjoyment that I gain from watching it. For once since the movie 12.12.12, I finally found another one that’s wicked enough to be added to my all-time favorite list.


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