Aug 14, 2012

Game of Thrones, Feisty and Brilliant

I’m a type of viewer who want’s grand and spectacle when it comes to movies and television shows. I like mind blown special effects, hard hitting action stunts, and anything beyond imagining but the Game of Thrones had less of these yet I’m hooked to it like a nuts. How nuts? Very that I watched the show and read the books overnight like theirs no tomorrow.

What makes it so desiring was its unique approach on storytelling, it wasn’t like the normal fairy tale that you can predict its course; Game of Thrones was unpredictable, it’s full of twists and turns that you’ll be taken away in every eventual turns. I’ve never encounter anything like it; the story is extraordinary in its own way.

Another aspect that I like most are the characters, you can clearly see how tangible they were depicted in the world of wickedness, immorality, treachery, deceit, power, honor and love. The characters were very prevailing that you can feel a genuine hatred, grief, burden, care and love for or against them, such a marvelous work for writer Gorge R.R. Martin.

The TV series was nothing extraordinary if you compare it to a big movie production but on a television scale, its enormous when it comes to budget, graphics and special effects, cinematography, among other essential production elements but not only that, the effort to make it seemed substantially realistic was as equally impressive. The producers made it a point that they could depict nearly and truthful as possible the scenarios and backgrounds as describe in the book. Accordingly, they went to different countries to scout for perfect locations and shot the scenes there.

Anyways, I would not tell the story in this post or give any spoilers; I want everyone to discover it themselves. I also advise you to watch the TV series first so you’ll have a visual reference of the settings and the characters. So far the TV series had covered the first two books for two seasons; from here you can read volumes 3 to 5 since season 3 of the TV series is still in production and will be shown in 6 months’ time. A little bit of warning though, the TV series contains adult scenes so it won't be advisable to watch with kids.

As for me, I’m already waiting for the Book 6 and 7. I’m already very eager to know what the future holds for the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and to my favorite characters.


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