Aug 22, 2012

Why People Switch To Lumia

The Lumia line up, the Nokia 900, 800, 710 and 610, made a big splash in Q1 of 2012 by selling 4 million units across the globe. Accordingly by statistics, its stronger than the records of iPhone or Android during its early stage of market introduction. Taking this success into account, Nokia Conversations recently came up with a random survey and traveled across continents to find out what new members of the Lumia community had to say about their new phones and the reason why they brought one.

They made an infograhic to illustrate the result base on responses on the question gathered by @nokia, their official Twitter account. Among the interesting result was the 25% of all the responses from users who grew and love Nokia for quite sometime. I myself love the company because of its unbeatable manufacturing and unparalled after sales service support. With Nokia, I'm very much confident that nothing can go wrong with my phone even if I drop it 100x.

Design gain a huge percentage as well, it cannot be denied that all phones except the 710 has an outstanding design and construction. I've been raving for so long about, then Nokia N9, now Lumia 800 and 900's groundbreaking design. It feels very solid and classy to hold.

Though I won't agree with the software part yet, in my honest opinion, Windows Phone 7.5 still have minor stuffs to tweak as mentioned on my review article for the Lumia 800. (Read it here) With these stuffs changed in the future updates, I would gladly switched to Lumia which by far has the most fluid and user friendly touch operating system in the market at the moment. It might be perfected with the coming of Windows Phone 8, well see in 13 days time.

Switched to Lumia from BlackBerry

Switched to Lumia from Motorola


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