Sep 23, 2012

My Closest Nokia Lumia 920 Encounter Yet!

Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the hottest smartphone in the planet at the moment, its innovative, stylish and unparalleled in terms of specs and features. Who in the world doesn't want to lay hands on it and basked its full glory, that is why when I receive a package from Nokia Connects, my stomach flipped upside down out of excitement thinking that it might be "The One".

After opening the package, my anticipation further went sky high when a stainless silver rectangular box with a Nokia Lumia 920 print came to view. Holding my breath, I rushed to open it, which by the way took me a few minutes to figure since it has a bottom flip opening mechanism, only to find out that it doesn't have a phone on it. I was like, man, Nokia Connects were really the coolest people on earth, they really know how to make people feel terribly excited. :)

But before reckoning that they were only promotional materials inside, I was tossing through each content making sure that the phone wasn't just hidden somewhere. I was even worried since I suspect that maybe someone from DHL open the package and took the phone out. Hehe! Silly me, the whole experience was really fun!

Anyways, back to the contents, there were only demo materials of stuffs that can be found on the most anticipated smartphone to date; the Corning Gorilla Glass which is said to be highly resistant to damage; the Polycarbonate Seamless Body which is super though and scratch tolerant; and finally the camera receptacle containing the Carl Ziess Lens which is said to have an accuracy of 1 nanometer (100,000 times thinner than a hair strand) and the Nokia Optics Module which is said to give an amazing low light performance by monitoring its position in real time for it to stay ahead of about 300 times faster than the average human reaction.

Now you might further ask how tough the Corning glass was, well, its unbreakable by human force having tried to bend and break it myself, quite impressive really. Regarding the polycarbonate, its glossy and classy to hold with a deeply embedded color so scratch won't matter. Proven this out by intentionally scraping its surface with a knife, sorry bout that Nokia. :/ Actually, the pointed tip of the knife won't pinched through so I have to use the side blade and apply a bit of pressure to make one, again, very impressive. Regarding the camera module, these I need to find out as soon as I get a hand on the device. I'm hoping that it will  be very soon because I'm extremely excited.

 To know more of the Full Specs and Feature of the Nokia Lumia 920, CLICK HERE!


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