Sep 25, 2012

The Unstoppable Asha Range, Nokia Launched Two More, The Asha 308 And 309

Nokia unleashed today the latest additions to the Asha Touch family of mobile devices, the dual SIM Nokia Asha 308 and and the single SIM Nokia Asha 309. Both phones will deliver full smartphone experience enriched with new Nokia web services to millions of mass market consumers worldwide promising fast web access at low cost via the new version of Nokia Xpress Browser, which enables up to 90% more efficient mobile browsing and faster access to rich web applications compared to conventional browsers.

The new devices offer a fluid 'swipe' user interface and an open environment for third-party application development, characteristics that have earned the complete Asha Touch range full smartphone classification from global market research companies and analysts such as GfK and IDC.

Nokia estimates the retail price for the Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 to be about USD 99, excluding taxes and subsidies, with shipping expected to start in the fourth quarter 2012. Nokia's most affordable capacitive touchscreen device

The Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 are Nokia's most affordable capacitive touchscreen devices to date. A view shared by independent analysts is that the Asha line represents great smartphones available for less than USD 99.

The Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 are 2G-enabled devices featuring a 3.0'' WQVGA capacitive display, multiple home screens, stereo radio, loud speakers and up to 32GB microSD card support. The Nokia Asha 309 is the single SIM variant with WiFi, while the Nokia Asha 308 is a dual SIM device featuring Nokia's industry-leading Easy Swap technology. Easy Swap enables people to switch between multiple SIM cards quickly and easily to get the best local tariffs without having to remove the battery or turn off the phone.

The phones also come with the free* gift of 40 premium EA games, social features such as standalone Facebook and Twitter clients, the Nokia Messaging Service, and video streaming through the browser from sites like YouTube - a first within the Asha Touch range.

New Services and Developer Tools Nokia also introduced two extensions to its Xpress Browser Internet platform, the only cloud-based web browser to support web apps:

1. The Nokia Nearby web app helps people discover new places by searching nearby locations and presenting the options on a map. The service is available via Nokia Xpress Browser or as a feature within Nokia Maps.

2. The Nokia Life+ web app will give millions of people access to content that spans education, health and infotainment to enhance their daily lives. Nokia Life+ is available in English across 18 countries, with local versions coming to India, China and Indonesia in the fourth quarter of this year. Nokia Life+ can be accessed through Nokia Xpress Browser or the Nokia Store. Both services work with Asha Touch smartphones.

In addition to these services, Nokia introduced a new web-based tool that makes it even easier to build new applications. With Nokia Xpress Web App Builder, publishers can create appealing web apps for Asha Touch devices, and even novices can turn their web content into a fun and sophisticated web app for Nokia consumers.


Service of so called NOKIA CARE is worst. NOKIA should look into it very seriously. People is loosing confidence due to poor service of Nokia Care centers. Nokia should open service centers of their own. Not dealership.ths 135

hey shayari :)

Nokia had several contractors and sub-contractors that handle customer care, it might be that the one who handled yours were not directly from the company itself so they don't care much. So far I'm very impress with the way our local Nokia Care is handling concerns here in my place.

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