Oct 5, 2012

Nike+ FuelBand, The Missing Component Of Nokia Wellness Diary

In my ultimate battle against overweight, I've done and brought quite a few stuffs that could help me in my quest but nothing seemed working, like the Nokia Wellness Diary for instance, something was missing to help me remain motivated along the way.

Then I came across the Nike+ FuelBand that could track activity as NikeFuel, a universal metric based on oxygen kinetics mapped to activities and associated movements, enabling users to compare, compete and collaborate across activities, regardless of gender and body type. Now how is this related to the aforementioned Nokia app, the FuelBand is capable of syncing information effortlessly to a rich mobile or Web-based experience, a seamless integration where Nokia Wellness Diary failed to realized since it only reached up to the mobilephone platform. The Nike+ FuelBand merges the digital and physical worlds to motivate and inspire users to make every day count.

Whether walking, dancing or playing catch, a person can earn NikeFuel as they moved and tracks calorie and step count, something that could not be awkwardly done with a mobilephone. You wouldn't want you to carry your phone while doing all these stuffs right? The fuel band will provide continuous motivational feedback on users’ progress; design for all-day comfort and aesthetics; make it user friendly, intuitive and fun; and create the ultimate motivator for everyday athletes to do more.

Users start by setting a target for how active they’d like to be each day. A built-in three-axis accelerometer measures their physical activities, and a single button interface shows them how much NikeFuel they've earned and how close they are to their daily goals. Fitness becomes a game as users track their progress from red to green throughout the day. When they reach their goals, the band celebrates with them. The FuelBand effortlessly syncs to the mobile app through Bluetooth or to the Nike+ website through the built-in USB. Through the online community users can tap into a chain of inspiration. They can compete with themselves or share results with friends to compare, compete and celebrate; see personal activity graphs for the day, week, month and year; unlock achievements and celebrations as they reach new milestones; and share their successes or challenge friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Well, how about make one of this wristband Nokia since you already got a mobile application with the same set up. Mobilephones were to bulky to carry when your working out right? Just saying.


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