Nov 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820's Philippine Release Date!

This is it people, the most awaited Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Nokia which had stole attention from competing smartphones by outselling them in Germany and in most retail stores in the United Stated had finally took an unconfirmed released date in the Philippines and that is January next year.. Well yes, you've read it right, January 2013, that's according to a sales representative that I talked to in one of the Nokia Stores in Metro Manila. This would mean that it will miss the Christmas rush and Filipino's will have to wait a little longer if indeed true. 

Bad news of course for people who were waiting for these phones like the couple who also inquired with me about the Nokia Lumia 820's availability that very time and a welcome news for others whose budget were not ready just yet. I even added a few info when the couple asked the sales representative about the difference between Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 820 because she only mentioned about the memory card.

This is a bad business strategy as well if true because its fiercest competitor in the Windows Phone 8 space, the HTC 8X, is already being offered in Widget City and maybe in bulk by Christmas time. The scenario will definitely steal a percentage of market buyers who were only looking for a customary Windows 8 phone.

Oh well, its unconfirmed anyway, an open speculation, I don't think Nokia Philippines would want to miss the Windows Phone 8 fever going on around the world... or will they?


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