Nov 26, 2012

So Pure, So Human, So Natural, Marko Ahtisaari Describes The Nokia Lumia 920 On This Video

Design and construction for mobilephone took a massive shift when the first unibody polycarbonate device, the Nokia N9, came out. It was so beautiful that people just can't stop noticing it everywhere I go, solid and well contoured that it feels so pleasant touching it with your hand. I call it the ultimate in smartphone world.

The new design became an eye opener for everyone most specially mobilephone designers and engineers from competing brands, that their were other ways to design phones other than look and feel iPhone-like. The design is now being carried forward by Nokia to its Lumia line-ups, still the best there is at the moment. 

In the promotional video below, Marko Ahtisaari, one of the brilliant minds behind the unique design, describes the current mobilephone market as noisy and difficult to cut through but his team focused on making everything simple and humane and they were able to create a masterclass. His full story on the Nokia Lumia 920 design and construction is captured in the video. Watch it to find out more.


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