Nov 13, 2012

Tutorial Video To The Coolness Level! Globe's What An MB Can Be by Johnoy Danao

Typical tutorial videos were more of talking and showing hands-on procedures on how to do things but I find most of them, like a lot of viewers may also felt, boring and bland, now Globe Telecom, the Philippines leading postpaid network, offers a new way of educating subscribers, music.

As the famous musician Ludwig van Beethoven claimed, "Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy", people behind the video might had been inspired by this quote and decided to integrate music to the tutorial video. Well, besides the rhetoric, I find it rather sensational. I haven't watch anything like it, high 5 to the idealist who brought this up.

The video explained what MB is, its importance in mobile browsing and how to make the most of it.  Well, I've been using Globe's internet browsing package on my Business account and they have no less than the cheapest offer to date, imagine 100MB mobile browsing for PhP100, thats crazy cheap compared to Smart and Sun Cellular.

Anyways, enough with the jabbering, watch the coolness video below.


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