Nov 1, 2012

True Halloween Story: Black Lady

Living up to my yearly blog tradition, I'm featuring another related Halloween scary story to befit the season of fear and fright. A life experience of course that I truly believe happened within my normal sense, yet cannot be explained beyond reason. I believed, we all had a fair share of these unjustifiable experiences within our lifetime, similarly related or uch worst, might as well share your story on the comment section below if you feel like it.

For starters, I was never a believer of ghost or any third supernatural kind. I do have weird dream experiences, yes, but I don't consider it existing, just dreams, not until I got a direct close encounter with a so called "Black Lady".

My Halloween story happened when I was in my grandparent's ancestral house located in a subdued rural Barangay. The house had two floors, a cemented ground floor and an entirely wooden structured upper floor including the stairs. I specifically mention the wooden stairs because my bizarre  experience started on it.

Well, I was lying on a bed in a room upstairs one hot afternoon when I heard the old wooden stairs cracking loudly as if someone was ascending. Because of the heaviness of steps on the stairs, I went out of the room and into the sala to wait curiously who it was and saw somebody getting off the stairs, walk in front of me and went to the other room adjacent to where I came from. I was like, who was that and why didn't I recognized her/him? That someone was wearing an all black whole dress with a long black hair and walk as if it was floating. Out of curiosity, I followed it into the room to get a closer look at her/his face but to my surprise, nobody was there. I wasn't even scared that time, just confused. I was so concern on the identity of that entity that I oversight the fact that it disappeared in a one entrance/exit close room, funny but stupidly true.

I couldn't remember any face features,as well, might be because it was really faceless that time or for whatever spooky reason, everything happened in a split seconds and it wasn't definitely created by the pigment of imagination because it was a bright sunny day and I have no reason to create an illusion out of a loud heavy steps on the stairs.

It was only later that the thought of Black Lady came to my concern after one of my cousins mentioned it to me after I told her my weird story, somewhat like a neighbor saw it peeping in the window of that very room sometime before. From then on, I can truly say that these Black Lady spirits/ghosts  (whatever they call it) were really true, but they're not scary as some people would depict it because that entity didn't harm me or did anything nasty, and we should leave them in that perspective. As the famous saying goes, better be scared on the living than the dead, except if they're walking dead of course! Boo!


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