Nov 24, 2012

White Beach, Puerto Galera, Philippines - An Ideal Holiday Destination?

You probably heard about Puerto Galera on television being mentioned by celebrities or read about it on newspapers and magazines, but in either way, both implied a dreamland with scenic beach fronts, white sand, pristine clear sea water among others. Well, there might be some truth to the back talks but word of advice, do not overdo your expectation.

White Beach, Puerto Galera is located in the northern of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. Contrary to public notion, Puerto Galera is actually a municipality and not a resort name. Situated in the municipality are the White Beach and Sabang Beach, both world renowned being the only place in the Philippines listed on the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World.

But to be very honest, I was a bit disappointed over the place because it wasn't the way I imagined it to be because like I said earlier, I was hoping to see a paradise, but what I saw instead was a dreggy place with empty bottles and garbage's all over. I understand that its a public place and anybody can just go in and out without reprimand but for a place who thrives on hospitality and resort business, its not a good precedent since feedback's from tourists like me had cataclysmic effects.

I was able to talk to one of the natives and she told me about the local government's disregard on the problem. There were business establishments who were assigned to clean the beach fronts daily but they were not religiously following it because of the failure of the authorities to monitor them. Well, everyone is to blame here, business establishments most specially because their lack of concern would effect to losing visitors coming in and back.

Nevertheless, beach front is not the only main attraction of the place, it's also famous for its active nightlife, UNESCO recognized unique diving spots, snorkeling strips, fun water attractions and more.

Oh well enough with the rants, you probably read this article because you want to see White Beach, Puerto Galera in picture, so lets do a run through.

Hotels and Lodging Houses

White Beach offers both first class, mid class and economy class accommodations. The first class ones like the Marco Vincent Dive Resort had rates ranging from PhP6,385 to PhP9,885 net per room per night depending on the accommodation while the mid class hotels like the Sea Jewel Beach resort had PhP1,500 to PhP2,500 room rates during off peak seasons while it reaches up to PhP3,500 to PhP5,000 on peak seasons most specially during Holy Week. Economy class accommodations will range from PhP500 to PhP1,000, the farthest it is from the beach front, the cheapest it becomes. Just walk your way out of the beach front and you can find several lodging houses offering affordable rates.


Definitely, you will never run out of options, restaurants can be find everywhere with some even offering international cuisines such as Mindoro Korea (inset image below). If your on a tight budget, lots of affordable food stalls can be found such Food Trip which offers meal combo's with unlimited rice for only PhP99. Then again, walk a little further away from the beach front and you'll find more affordable restaurants offering budget meals for as low as PhP50.00.

Bars and Clubs

Well, as mentioned earlier, White Beach is famous for its nightlife therefore bars and clubs were among the prominent establishments in the area. Bose and drinks, they'll never run out of it and because a lot of people comes to Puerto for the nightlife, the price of this drinks were staggering high. My friendly advice, buy alcoholic drinks at any stores in town, retail price is much lower, and its not prohibited to bring them along the beach front.


Souvenir shops mostly could be found everywhere as well. They sell t-shirts, bags, beach wears, etc. I love to buy t-shirts on places I've been to, I like to wear proud my travel escapades. 

Anything Fun Down Under

You could do Beach Volley, Kayak, Snorkeling, Island Hoping, Sight Seeing, Fishing, Jetski, Banana Boat Ride, Parasailing, Massage by the Beach, etc, you'll will never run out things to do but it comes with a price tag of course. For beach volley, you can use any of the courts mounted, just bring your own ball. For the Kayak, you need to spare PhP2,500 for an hour of hustling waves. Snorkeling, Island Hoping and Sight Seeing on the other hand cost PhP2,500 each. Fishing cost at around PhP4,000, PhP3,500 per hour for the Jetski, PhP2,500 per 20 minutes for the Parasailing while Banana Boat ride cost at about PhP2,500 for the 3 attempts to throw yourself off the grid. Last but not the least to sooth your aching muscles due to the days activity, massage by the beach which only cost PhP200 per hour, I'm pretty sure the manang massuer will tell you that your face looks familiar.

To reach White Beach Puerto Galera

If your from Manila, you can take a bus ride to Batangas City Port, not just any Batangas City bus but those that drops you off the port, fare cost at around PhP170.00. From Batangas Port, there were many boats going to White Beach, cost around PhP275 only per person.

Wrapping things up

On the question wither White Beach Puerto Galera is an ideal holiday destination, it really depends on the person visiting it. If you are a party goer and loves night life then this is a perfect place, the party here is from dusk till dawn . If your active and love water sports, this is also an ideal place to visit because you'll never run out of things to do. But if you want to relax and enjoy the beach and all the outdoor scenery that nature has to offer then you will find this place less suitable. 

Contact numbers

Marco Vincent Dive Resort - +63-2-813-6329/813-6812/ 813-6806 or email them at

Sea Jewel Beach Resort - 0927-653-7492, 0949-468-1650 or email them at

Seashore Beach Resort - 0915-5229606, 0923-6541694 or email them at


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