Nov 5, 2012

Windows 8, Windows 8 RT, Windows Phone, My Celestial Thoughts!

Competition is heating up in the technology space as giant companies showcase there heavenly supernova strengths to reign supreme across the vast buck-pit universe, but out of the big 3 companies who went public last week, Microsoft undeniably echoed the loudest and brightest solar flare of all with the official release of Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone 8 operating systems.

Well, it had been long foreseen few weeks back since they're the only company who will offer something interesting and new in the software side of things unlike Apple and Goggle who were only rumored to announced new hardware devices, but besides the barrage, Microsoft still, stole the limelight hardware-wise by introducing unique products that nobody wouldn't think possible, for instance, the 42 inch touchscreens, creative tablet-laptop convertibles, etc. Frankly, what is iPad Mini or Nexus 10 compared to those announced in the Windows 8 event, all the newly announced devices had stamps of reliable, serious and workable system reducing the aforementioned to just high-priced toys that offer girly stuffs. I even predict the death of Android tablets in about a year or two starting with wave of convertible pc-tablets coming early next year from several manufacturers.

I personally like how the Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT took shape with the integration of Metro UI. Everything looks exceptionally sleek, intuitive and easy to use without losing its PC core functionality. The thought that Microsoft optimized all its previous features found on Windows 7 to touch interface and making it very much functional gives a notion of an all in one device. This would mean that I could do everything I can on my current laptop on the new breed tablet PC unlike my current Android-based tablet that only works as an entertainment and eBook device. Microsoft also took the advantage of offering new and emerging technologies such Near Field Communications (NFC), Cloud computing, USB 3.0, UEFI firmware and low-power ARM architecture, all of which are great addition to an already powerful system. Enhance security features such as malware filtering program, built-in antivirus software and support for secure boot were also added which will make internet usage more safer than the rest. By the way, if your asking for the difference of Windows 8 to Windows 8 RT, nothing much in general sense except that the latter was optimized to run on ARM processors which is said to be efficient in power management.

Windows Phone 8 on the other hand is said to offer a lot of improvements from the already intuitive, savvy and socially focused predecessor. New features that I like most were the enhance customization particularly on the Homescreen, hopefully this would include message alert tone as well; multicore processor support; NFC; removable memory card support, I supposed this would mean that it can now add videos and music to the phone without the passing through Zune, hopefully it does; VoIP integration and most importantly, my personal favorite, a shared kernel component with Windows 8 which will allow application compatibility with Windows 8. Well, I haven't found any comprehensive reviews about the new Windows Phone 8 yet so I'm left with these facts for now, but I have admit, everything looks exemplary so far.

Very promising scenery here for the three operating  system. With its initial hardware availability this Christmas season from almost all PC and phone manufactures, Microsoft is off to emit a quasar strength in 2013. Apps won't seemed to post a problem rather since their is an application compatibility between 3 system, their is no other way for Windows Store but to burst unstoppably with a multiplicity never seen before.

Like astronomers mental outlook in observing galactic events, I'm, at all times, fired up to witness a momentous event in the technology universe but unlike them who had no idea when will such events happened, the tech space is all set for me, and its sooner than I expect. 


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