Dec 9, 2012

Apps I Wish Symbian Have

Having use several mobile operating systems (OS), I could say that I’m already a bit verse with applications floating around the mobile gadget space, and from the looks of it, Symbian lacks quite a few good and usable ones to its stable. Well, no OS is perfect of course, their were also countless of good apps that can only be found on Symbian but nonetheless a complete system could be achieve and strive for.

I'm really yearning for the following apps to complete my mobile connectivity and productivity needs, hopefully, Nokia or any freelance developers could read this blog post and respond to my requests.

1. Flipboard – A news and magazine client found in Apple iOS and Google Android. I like this app so much that I wrote an entire blog article about it before and wants it primarily installed on my Symbian phone. The main core of the app was simplicity, users get to enjoy a swift and fluid interface in browsing through web based news and magazines, Facebook or Twitter by just flipping up and down the board page.

2. Get Glue – Being a huge fan of movies and television shows at the same time a social network fanatic, this application became a necessity since it combines both worlds. It became a venue for me to express my admiration or displeasure on a particular movie or TV show. Its also a good social place to meet fellow fanatics or haters, earn badges of coolness, or simply brag your prominence.

3. EZ PDF Reader – One of the biggest drawbacks of Symbian at the moment is the absence of an efficient and smooth PDF reader and editor. There were some apps capable of doing so like Adobe or QuickOffice, but they were not as fast and savvy as that of the EZ PDF. Try reading one on a Nokia Belle smartphone using the aforementioned apps and you'll get nightmares being ragingly slow. Also, the EZ PDF Reader allows annotations on the files like highlights or side notes making it very ideal.

4. Super Video – Do you like to multitasks, like maybe watching a movie at the same time doing something else on your mobile phone, well, the Super Video handles that leisurely. Its like a self-regulating app that floats above your screen allowing you to do something else like web browsing or playing games while watching videos. You can even watch multiple videos all at the same time, that's how superb it is.

5. Instagram - Though I couldn't see the reason why I should be using this app since all my pictures were directly published in this blog or on Twitter or Facebook, it cannot be denied that their were sizable number of people who loves the social network site and would prefer a fully dedicated application of it in their mobilephones. In fact their were even be some who prefer to buy phones because of its Instagram compatibility. With this scenario going on, Nokia should strive hard to create one for Symbian, every buyer counts.

With the fierce competition in the smartphone space at the moment, every aspects and details are important, Nokia and Symbian should seriously find ways to make these apps available to the users, their should be no stones unturned. Anymore apps you want to include in the list? Feel free to write them on the comment section below.


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