Jan 17, 2013

Mystery Solve: Why Globe Telecom No Longer Offer Nokia Phones?

My previous article about Globe Telecom no longer offering Nokia phones stirred up a lot of attention, it wouldn't catched more than 500 page hits in a day if it wasn't. I have to admit, the title of that article was a bit disturbing being unusual but if your expecting a thick and raucous plot above it, then you'll be disappointed because their was no dispute of such magnitude going on.

Accordingly, it was just coincidence with supply shortages and all, in fact, Globe Telecom recently launched their recent plan packages offering a free Nokia Asha 205 to their Load Tipid Plan 300, a crazy affordable pitched that would definitely hit big among budget conscious consumers.

Well, I'm more interested to see the Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and 620 on their plan packages soon. I've been planning to get the Nokia Lumia 920 via Globe Reset Plan but if its not possible, I'm open to switching to Smart Telecom if they'll dole out a better and more cheaper plan offer than the other. A twitter friend would definitely be glad to assist me. ;)

Mystery put to rest.


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