Jan 4, 2013

Nokia Asha 306 Hardware, Smallish and Compact

One of the strongest feature of a Nokia device ever since is its hardware, no matter which market segment it is targeted to, it always a cut above the rest making it a widely preferred brand for value conscious consumers. The Nokia Asha 306 is no different, it carries with it excellent hardware best fitted for its price.

The phone is pretty much smallish in size, it has 110.3 x 53.8 x 12.8mm (LxWXH) and 0.50mm in thickness, weights at about 96 grams, and a 3.0 inched resistive touch display. With its dimension, I can actually grip it fully in my hand. I'm not fully please though with its lightness because it feels like I was holding a toy or something. It might be due to moderate grade plastic framework.

Design-wise, the phone looks fairly good with the deep black screen frame and glossy colored metallic band on the top and bottom giving a solid impression. The touchscreen area is not glass since its resistive touch but still feels arguably compact. At the lower part of the screen were two plastic coated mechanical buttons for call and end-call. The back cover is a deep color coated plastic. As much as I like the phone visually upfront, I'm a bit worried about the plastic back cover, it could easily get scratch and might loosen up in the long run.

On top of the phone are the charger port, the USB connector and the 3.5mm audio jack. The USB port is also capable of charging and support USB on-the-go (OTG) but with purposes totally defeated by the absence of USB and USB OTG connector out of the box.

Right side of the phone are the volume keys and the lock and unlock key. They're made of glossy coated plastic and very comfortable to press. No camera button here, quite understandable enough since the camera had no autofocus.

At the bottom of the phone is only the lanyard inlet.

On the left is only the microSD card reader that could support up to 32GB of memory. Phone package includes a 2GB memory.

At the back is the 2MP camera and the loudspeaker. Beneath the back cover is the 1110 mAh Li-Ion battery with is said to last up to 25 days on standby and with a talk time of up to 14 hours. Base on my regular use of WIFI connection every now and then, frequent calls and text, a few games and a few picture taking, the phone lasts for about 2.5 days. Loudspeaker by the way is above average, highest volume gets a little bit distorted though.

To capped things up, the phone's hardware is quite exceptional within its market range. Nokia made it sure that users would feel the very same trust and confidence they are familiar with in their previous Nokia devices, but its not all hardware, software is also equally important. Find out how it feared on my full review on the software side of things, CLICK HERE!


does it the USB-on-the-go works in nokia asha 306?

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