Jan 23, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 Coming To Smart Telecom Soon

Confirmed by a very reliable source, the Nokia Lumia Lumia 920 will be carried by the Philippines largest telecom network, Smart.

Smart Communications had always be a staunched partner of Nokia in the Philippines and with the later's flagship Windows Phone 8 gaining outstanding reviews, Smart wont miss it in a breath, they will pair it with the network's most competitive services and offerings.

This is a welcome news for consumers who eagerly wants to own the most innovative smartphone to date because it broadens their options. Not everyone can afford to buy the phone in straight cash basis, with Smart's subsidy offer, anyone can now avail the phone on a staggered payment.

Unfortunately, due to the phone's dubious stock shortages caused by a very high demand abroad, Smart could not give the exact date of its availability yet. They were more than hoping as well to launched it the soonest.


Smart is gonna kill the experience with their slow network and silly bandwidth cap. Those unlimited surfing plans are total BS with very limiting bandwidth caps. I'd very much rather use a prepaid Globe SIM than Smart's postpaid if Lumia 920 isn't gonna be available for Globe. Smart maybe the biggest network, but it isn't the best postpaid option out there. I used a Globe prepaid in my Nokia E7 phone and it worked fine. Smart can't even execute a proper unlimited texts promo - reach a certain number of texts and you can't send any more unless you waste your remaining load and top up again.

Utter BS and complete disappointment, this news article is.


Lets just hope Globe will carry the Nokia Lumia 920 as well.

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