Jan 11, 2013

Nokia's Top Sellers As Of Q4 2012

I happened to visit a few mobilephone shops lately; one was a Nokia main supplier of Northern Mindanao, Philippines, another, a huge mobilephone shop in Misamis Occidental and lastly, Nokia's Flagship Store in Limketkai Mall, Cagayan De Oro City, so I throw to them the question at bar, which among the Nokia phones were selling well at the time being.

Coincidentally, they almost have the same answers, though they did not gave any information as to the number of units sold. Accordingly, the succeeding phones were the most inquired with a high rate of sales return.

On top of the lists is the Nokia 101, a dual SIM phone that costs around PhP1,500. The phone sports a memory card, a music player, and Nokia's compact design that could withstand any abuse. Main consideration here for buyers, the phone's price.

Nokia Asha 309 is close to second place, a full touch Asha device with a capacitive (soft touch) screen. The phone takes advantage of the popularity of touch interface, and among these breeds, the phone is the most affordable, stylish and game packed (40 Free EA Games), buyers can't say no to it.

Lastly, the Nokia Asha 302. As observed, people buy it because of its Wi-Fi feature aside from being an attractive QWERTY phone.

Aside from the top sellers, I also ask them about the Lumia line up. They say the Nokia Lumia 610 sold the fastest with affordability as the primary reason, and the Kris Aquino factor. Accordingly, people would often ask for the device that Kris used in the TV commercial.

Well, that's would be it for now, quite a short list I know but I tried my best to extract more information, its just that the sales personnel I've talked to where really tepid in sharing information's being restricted. Lets try this next time. ;)


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