Feb 17, 2013

Why buy the Nokia Lumia 620? Here's what the experts says!

The Nokia Lumia 620 is the most affordable Windows Phone 8 smartphone to date. Its official Philippine market price, PhP11,660 ($287), with the following key features; dual-colored exchangeable shells built to last with the colors running all the way through the material so the scratches never show; compact, cup-shaped uni-body design molded to make it a pleasure to hold in just about any size hand; ClearBlack display and sunlight readability enhancements bringing brilliant colors and contents right to the surface, even in the brightest conditions; built in integration of the Microsoft's unparalleled features and services like Microsoft Office, Xbox Live, SkyDrive cloud storage and the fast yet safe web browser Internet Explorer 10; the dynamic Live Tiles that constantly update in real time on your Start screen, differentiating it from the rest of the Operating Systems; signature Nokia Lumia features like Cinemagraph were users can add simple animations to photos such as moving clouds, fluttering flags, or waving hands, Smart Shoot that automatically takes multiple photos with a single click, unlimited streaming via Nokia Music, my personal favorite Nokia City Lens instantly reveal places around, Nokia Maps with free turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation; and so much more.

These rave features and the rests, makes technology writers, who've tried it, evinced with overwhelm and content over its full package offering, calling it "THE" smartphone to beat!

GSMArena hailed it "the most sensible Lumia of this generation" providing a solid smartphone experience, a very decent screen and design and a more youthful appeal.

Slash Gear on the other hand call it as the most balanced device in Nokia's current line-up, making a case for being "the best mainstream smartphone on the market today", an excessive praise for a cheap Windows Phone resulting from the phones price blend, specifications, size, and flexibility for the everyday consumer.

CNET loud the phones successfully delivery of a complete Windows Phone 8 experience for a low price, but warns buyer of some compromises.

Tech Radar bespeak of it as one of the best value phones, particularly at the low end of the market, that they've seen in a long time. Accordingly, its a great budget device, had a brilliant value and a jack of all trades handset that does a great job.

Lastly, Engadget signified that it as a steal due to its price and that it represents a new high-watermark for entry-level smartphones. Accordingly, its precisely what an entry-level smartphone should be regardless of OS.

Well, it seems like Nokia have done a great job on the Nokia Lumia 620. Convincing tech writers over a product isn't an easy tasks specially with the stiff competition in the smartphone space. The bottom line is its worthiness, on how it will give consumers what they deserved out of every penny spent. A gadget doesn't have to be expensive to give a top of the line smartphone experience, the Lumia 620 can attest to that.

The Nokia Lumia 620 is now available in the Philippines in select Nokia Flagship and retail stores. Grab one now!


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