Mar 1, 2013

Nokia 301: Modern Stylish Design, Classic Features, Smart Camera

Nokia unveiled the Nokia 301 at the Mobile World Congress 2013, the latest device in its Mobile Phones portfolio that features a classic ‘candy bar’ design alongside 3.5G Internet speeds and a smart camera for taking better pictures with your mobile phone.

The Nokia 301 re-imagines the classic, alphanumeric keypad phone by introducing a larger 2.4-inch screen, elegant design and a bold color palette. The addition of a smart camera brings a popular feature up-to-date with smart software, while 3.5G-capable speeds makes the phone desirable for both work and play.

Capture and share great images every time

The Nokia 301 comes with a 3.2MPsmart camera that allows people to experience imaging options typically found in more expensive mobile devices. The smart camera offers a choice of image capture, editing and sharing options, including:
- Panorama–for wide-angle shots, including group photos and landscapes
- Sequential shots–capture five frames in a row with just one click, then choose the best of the series
- Self-portrait – for perfectly-centered self-portraits, even without a front-facing camera. The built-in voice prompt guides the user to ensure they are in the frame before taking the shot
- The 5-in-1 camera applets users choose and apply one of five camera effects to an image

Sharing photos is made fast and fun, with the ability to share straight from the gallery onto social networks. People can also share photos and other content using Slam, which comes built into the Nokia 301. Slam works by transferring content such as images or contact cards to an adjacent Bluetooth-enabled phone in just a few simple clicks, without the need to pair devices.

Faster, better performance for work and play

The Nokia 301 delivers a fast, 3.5G Internet experience and outstanding battery life, making the phone adept for work and play. With Nokia XpressBrowser built-in, mobile browsing is made up to 90% more efficient, helping people get more from their data plan. People can now also stream videos from YouTube. Popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp* and eBuddy can be accessed directly from the homescreen, while a lite version of Mail for Exchange allows people to check work email and sync their calendars and contacts on-the-go. The introduction of HD voice helps ensure crystal-clear calls even in noisy, outdoor environments.

The Nokia 301 is available in both single and EasySwap Dual SIM models. Nokia’s EasySwap Dual SIM allows people to switch SIM cards without turning off the phone, to get better tariffs or to use the best SIM for a specific purpose, be it calling, texting or using data.

Further specifications:

• Single SIM standby time: up to 39 days
• Dual SIM standby time: up to 34 days
• Talk time:up to 20 hours
• Available colors: cyan, yellow, magenta, black and white

The Nokia 301 will be available to purchase starting in Q2 and will be available in more than 120 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, Middle East and Latin America. Suggested pricing is 65 Euro (PhP3,500.00) before taxes and subsidies.


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