May 12, 2013

Good vs Evil: My official lists of 2013 candidates to vote

A harsh and straightforward statement I know, but really, the basis of my decision is between good - those whom I think is living a corrupt-free life and had done something useful for the community and the country in general, and evil - those who have corrupt tainted personality, who have done atrocities to the community or even those who allied with them. Their is no middle ground, no if's, no buts, my vote is base on conscience and moral, beyond lies, deception, political machinery and blatant vote buying.

I'm very much looking for the days when politicians would truly serve the public wholeheartedly and that people would vote without bribery, fear or intimation. Its a long shot to reality but achievable if people would just work altogether to break the tradition of corruption and thirst for power in this God forsaken country.

Anyways, without further ado, here is my complete list of national to local candidates.


1. Antonio Trillanes IV - Team P-Noy
2. Juan Edgardo Angara - Team P-Noy
3. Francis Escudero - Team P-Noy
4. Risa Hontiveros - Team P-Noy
5. Grace Poe - Team P-Noy
6. Aquilino Pimentel III - Team P-Noy
7. Teodoro CasiƱo - Makabayan
8. Jamby Madrigal - Team P-Noy

Dropped on the last hour:

1. Bam Aquino - For his campaign alliance with the Kuratong Baleleng Gang here in Misamis Occidental.
2. Cynthia Villar - Also for her campaign alliance with the Kuratong Baleleng Gang and the unaddressed corruption issues of Manny Villar.

Party List: Akbayan

Governor: Pacita Yap - Independent

Vice Governor: Inocencio Pagalaran Jr. - Nationalista Party

Congressman, District 2: Loreto Leo Ocampos - Liberal Party

Board Member, District 2: Elias L. Revelo - Liberal Party


Vice Mayor:


1. Mario Chenn Castro - Liberal Party
2. Jerry Maliao - Independent

Quite a short list here, isn't it? Well, I guess there were only few deserving people worthy of my vote. Feel free to copy it and lets start changing this country for the better.

Comments welcome!


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